About Ridina

She was born in Prague. Her father is Sudanese, her mother is half Czech and half Russian Jew. She lived in the Czech republic until she was 4 and then for ten years in Oran, the largest port in Algeria. She has been back in the Czech Republic since 1988.

The first musical style that she sang in professionally was jazz - playing jazz standards for years around various clubs and festivals. It was a great school for practicing improvisation, intonation and her overall musical readiness. 

Afterwards she felt a need to seek a more authentic expression in the less explored landscapes of sound. She worked with Tomas Dvořák/Floex on the Pocustone CD and live in the Floex project. In 2003, she decided to do what she had long dreamed of: to try going on stage alone. She won Discovery of the Year in the Next Wave awards for the solo project Hlasokraj (Voicescape), combining projections and live concerts. In 2006 she released the solo CD Hlasem (Voice)

Nowadays she performs mainly with double bass player Petr Tichý in the duo HLASkontraBAS. Their album HLASkontraBAS was nominated for the 2016 main Czech music awards, Anděl.

She is the author and co-author of music for several theatre productions. She guested whilst recording the music for several films, she has worked with a number of other musicians. In 2008 she improvised a duet with Bobby McFerrin during his Prague concert.

She is interested in the possibilities of the voice in its solo form, unaccompanied by instruments, in addition to singing she also leads voice workshops. Here she endeavours to convey to the participants an experience allowing them to see why it is meaningful and rewarding to sing without the resulting form necessarily having to undergo an aesthetic assessment.

For more details about her other activities see Other projects and cooperation.

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