fROOTS 03/2008 review



Ridina Ahmedová sings without instruments, improvises without lyrics, and her melodic lines create fascinating kaleidoscopic structures. Her new album Hlasem is diverse, inspired and at the same time pleasant to listen to.

Petr Dorůžka, Reflex

…the singer shows that it is possible to create comprehensive and emotional compositions with the help of human voice only.

MF Dnes

Just after hearing the CD for the first time, it is clear that Ridina Ahmedová’s musical thinking is further than that of most of Czech musicians. (…) Ridina´s exceptionally vibrant voice can be ravenous and playful, always serving the growing vocal layers. Despite its complexity, the arrangement is never purposeless or inexpressive. (…)

Milan Tesař, Reflex

Her voice pulses gently (Zrcadlova), smoothes us with rather sad lyricism (Pieta), sarcastically comments posh glittering of a city (Prague City Lights), experiments with sounds (Bludicky) or produces indefinite shrieks (Sileny kun). (…) Just like top jazz musicians she is able to tell stories without using words.

Petr Vizina, Lidové noviny

Ridina Ahmedová was first known thanks to her unique and fascinating collaboration with Floex. Her new solo album Hlasem shows how huge her potential is. (…) Ahmedová caresses with her voice, she folds it, whispers, screams, and barks presenting an incredible number of vocal timbers. Her extraordinary work with melody and with overlapping vocal lines is worth admiration. Music without instruments is something boring? No way. The album VOICE has been one of the most pleasant surprises in recent years.

Aleš Borovan, Hospodářské noviny

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